This was my one-month Labs project for Lambda School. If you’d like to see my previous write-ups, here’s Number 1 and Number 2.

Family Promise helps local communities coordinate their compassion to address the root causes of family homelessness. They tap existing local resources to empower families towards economic stability…

Disclaimer: I am finishing Month 5 and didn’t give updates to month 2, 3, or 4. Oops. Too busy #grinding. Here’s Article Number 1.

Here I am, 5 months into Lambda School. Wow. Time sure flies when you’re learning awesome sh*t. Here’s a recap of timeline of the Program:

  • Unit…

If you only care about Bootcamp / Lambda Information and not my history (totally understandable), skip to “The Bootcamp Hunt” to get into those details.

Who I AM

My name is Ruben A. Ramirez. I am a young man from Stockton, California. Being a first-generation college student, I was informed of the “traditional”…

Who: Ruben A. Ramirez — Aspiring Product Designer

What: Case study for Sahil Khoja’s Students Who Design with the focus of enhancing Facebook Messenger’s user experience.

When: January 2020

Time Spent: ~3 hours 20 minutes

User Interviews

⦁ RO uses Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with family and friends from his…

I am currently on the road to become a Product Designer. In my research on what the best path is for becoming a Product Designer, the advice I found countless times was to read Donald A. Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things. So I did. This isn’t a review or…

Ruben Andres Ramirez

Global Citizen | Optimist | Full-Stack Engineer | Creative → You’ll find articles on design | engineering | startups. Welcome to RubesWorld ❤

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